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Our 2nd Disney Cruise on the Wonder

As always, Our 2nd Disney cruise was absolutely amazing (I think they got us spoiled), on this cruise we spent time in San Juan, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Meghan's Beach, U.S. Virgin Islands, sailed through Turks and Caicos, Castaway Cay, Bahamas and Orlando, Florida where we spent time at Disney Springs.

Of course we already paid our deposit for our next cruise, secured our placeholder and we planned on sailing again in December, but with this pandemic it has put a damper in our plans, lots of cruises were cancelled this year and we may not be onboard a Disney cruise again until Summer or possibly Winter of 2021, but I am hoping I can start planning towards the end of this year.

One of the great things I like about Disney Cruises is that they have a an entire Facebook community and they form groups based on your sail dates (itinerary), this gives you an opportunity to meet others that will be sailing along with you before embarkation day. We met some great people on this cruise, my daughter had a few pen pals and they would wrote each other letters for about 3 months prior to our cruise, she had other kids to hang with at the pool, kids club and one of her favorites; watching movies on the pool deck with all the unlimited food , drinks and snacks she needed, there were some nights when we fell asleep right on the pool deck (one of the best naps ever LOL).

The kids clubs always have so many great activities for the kids to keep them busy, one evening they had a pajama party, decorated pillow cases, had dinner, watched movies and worked on several other crafts or played games. On this cruise my daughter even spent some time at the Bippity Boppity Boutique getting "dolled up" for her meet n' greet with the Disney Princess. Have your camera ready because this is a great photo op!

On another note, If you're ever planning to cruise with Disney, I always like to remind cruisers about Disney Cruise staff. I’m hoping all of your Disney vacations will be magical, but in the event something goes astray, please remember that the cruise staff works tirelessly to ensure we have a great vacation. They work so many hours each day, with little breaks, and work every day of the week, most work 6-8 months straight without seeing their families. They sleep in a tiny cabin, in a tiny twin bed, with a roommate each night. Most are supporting their families in other countries. While it’s their choice to work on the boat, please keep in mind that they are smiling each day for us, and they really go above and beyond to cater to your needs even if their day is not going well. You can make their days so much better by smiling, saying thank you, and being appreciative of them. If someone does something amazing, please let management know, or put it on your comment card at the end of the cruise. It makes a huge difference. A positive comment can do wonders (pun intended) for staff, just the same as a negative comment can get someone fired. Disney takes guest experience very seriously , so please take a big deep breath and move forward. On our cruise, I saw people screaming at staff and complaining about the most mundane and irrelevant issues possible. In all reality, there should be no reason to have an attitude or be moody when you're on a Disney Vacation.... haven't you heard, "It's the happiest place on Earth" lol. Until next time.....

If you'd like to see more footage from this cruise, the full video is on my YouTube channel, it's 30 minutes long so be sure to grab a drink and some popcorn. Please come back to this blog, post a comment and let me know what you think.

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