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Exploring the Red Light District

Amsterdam was the one destination where we didn’t do a ton of prior research. We just landed there and went with the flow. We checked into our hotel, sanitized the room, dropped off our luggage and called a driver to take us straight to the "Red Light District" Hahahahaha! Now you know, you can’t talk about Amsterdam without acknowledging the infamous Red Light District…there's just nothing like it here in the states. My husband stayed behind with our daughter as I walked through. There were ladies in windows on display wearing lingerie, people stumbling out of bars drunk, tons of marijuana cafes and you wouldn't believe how normal it felt, specifically for the locals, it was just like a regular day for them. Crazy, right? Walking around and people watching was truly an experience in itself.

We were only in Amsterdam for two days, so we didn't get to explore as much as we wanted, we ate some great food, hung out at a few of the marijuana cafes, hung out with the locals and met some amazing people that we plan to connect with the next time we are there (next time we'll be kid-free ).

Amsterdam is definitely a sight to see lol. Not a place for prudes.

People were offering cocaine , ecstasy all kinds of sh!t. I was like, nah we're good, let's just stick to the liquor and trees . Apparently taking photos in the red light district is prohibited, so I will not be posting pictures of the ladies. If you ever visit Amsterdam and you're interested in learning more about this profession you can sit down with a prostitute for an hour or two and learn about what and why they choose to do this. Some of their stories are hilarious.

A few souvenirs I picked up while I was there

If you plan to visit the Anne Frank Museum, I highly suggest that you get your tickets ahead of time, sometimes it can be very difficult to just go the day of and walk in.

Things to know before traveling to Amsterdam: