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Candytopia: A Candy fiends dream!

Candytopia, is the first ever edible and touchable pop-up candy museum. It’s a hands on experience that engages your senses through sound, sight, taste & touch......everything is made of CANDY! So pretty much it’s a modern day Candyland mixed with Willy Wonka come to life!

When the world opens back up and you find one near you, check it out, a lot of fun for the whole family. My daughter and I visited the location in Philadelphia, during our visit we went from room to room, snacking on sweets, giggling at unexpected scenes made from candy, trying out all sorts of places to sit, stand, swing, touch or squeeze through. There are lots of photo ops and the staff is even willing to take photos for you. Be sure to download the Candytopia app and screenshot the barcode, so when your photo is taken it's immediately sent to your mobile device.

We had a great time, there are treasure chest filled with candy in every room for guest to take (bring a ziploc bag if you can). By the time we left, our hair was full of confetti, our bellies full of treats, and our phones full of memories.

A few tips: -Purchase tickets in advance because there are scheduled times. -If you want the staff to take photos, download the app before you arrive, sign up for Sugar rush and screenshot your barcode. -You will sweat trying to get through the marshmallow pit lol. Try to get your photos as soon as you get in the pit because the time goes by quickly. -Take plenty of pics. - Shoes are not allowed in marshmallow pit so wear clean socks 🤣🤣 -Have patience and have fun!

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