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Babyyyy! Stop waiting on others and Just GO!

My first international Solo vacation, I am sure we have all planned trips with our friends, everyone is onboard in the beginning, but then when it's time for those deposits you hear crickets. This trip was originally planned with myself and 5 of my girlfriends, as we began to get closer to our departure date everyone started to cancel. I made myself a promise years ago that I would not do that anymore and if no one wanted to go, I would just go solo, my husband even encouraged me to still go, his exact words, "don't let anyone ruin your trip, go have a great time, you'll meet some amazing people and I'll be right here with the kids (and dogs), so that's exactly what I did! I contacted Travel Divas and asked them to put me on the roommate list and you could pair up with another person when you arrive.

I've met some great people from all walks of life on this trip , created some new memories, saw the whole island of Aruba, ate some great food, relaxed, did some shopping, sightseeing, had an amazing photo shoot with Ken Grille whom was also a great tour guy, thanks again I learned a lot about this beautiful island. I went on a sunset cruise which included food and cocktails, hung out at the pool and beaches, went to the butterfly farm, saw the Natural Bridge, California lighthouse, "The Beverly Hills" of Aruba, Alto Vista Chapel, natural pool, the cemetery, the low income housing areas, went jet skiing, hopped on the Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus Aruba for a pub crawl, I checked out several bars around the island, went to an all white party, a neon party, several beach parties, did a little water aerobics, indulged in massages on the beach and so much more.

Thanks again to all the amazing ladies I met while there, Ryce, Yalanda, and the best roomie ever, Jenn. Jenn and I met for the first time on the first day of our trip, we immediately clicked and if I ever have to roommate with someone again in the future, I'm sure I'm gonna expect them to meet up to Jenn's level😉 but seriously she was great, oh and did I mention while on vacation she murdered her first Aruba International half marathon...she's a superwoman! This was a first for us both, traveling out of the country and sharing a room with someone you just met for the first time, some are probably saying, "Oh wow, I would never." LOL. It’s one thing to meet new people and maybe have dinner or converse over cocktails, but we actually shared our living space for 6 days. And we both survived! And had fun!! They say you can’t travel with everyone, and that is sooooo true...we just lucked up, we are both easy going, laid back and knew how to roll with the punches. We had a great trip and were also each other’s photographer also! We laughed, we relaxed poolside and on the beach together, had breakfast together almost every morning, she went with me on my photoshoot and not once complained about anything (my kinda girl LOL), we took public transportation together to go do some shopping, I was there to cheer her on when she did her half marathon while in Aruba (she has a goal to complete a marathon and every state and every country). She was just super amazing. (Jenn & I pictured below).

This was a trip hosted by the travel group, Travel Divas, an award-winning, and premier, travel company that specializes in group travel management. They host about 25 travel events each year, and all of their trips are very well organized. I usually enjoy planning trips on my own, but I wanted to give them a try, Oh, I can't forgot about Ms. Lizzy "Travel Diva" Boykins (travel divas host), her smile and spirit was everything, I made sure to lock her contact info into my phone and hope we can travel together again once the world opens back up.